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Pride of Green Doon Award

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Pride of Green Doon Award is a humble way of showing appreciation of an individuals work, in his personal capacity, towards the cause of environment of Doon Valley.
The aim of the award is to express the gratitude of all of us living in Dehra Dun towards the awardee.

Criterion for selection of Awardees

  1. Must be a resident of Dehra Dun.
  2. Should have worked for atleast one year in personal capacity towards protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment of Doon Valley. Work done as head / director / president of a group, association, NGO or government efforts, are not included in this OR by his or her personal conduct served as a role model for citizens with reference to Envrionment.

Time lines

Applications / Nominations for the award, should be forwared to info@citizensforgreendoon.com giving detailed references, latest by 31st August in any calender year.
The award is normally given with the Annual Dehra Dun Tree Festival

Past Awardees

  1. 2011: Mr Jagdeesh & Florence Rastogi
  2. 2012: Mr. Alok Ulfat
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