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Green Doon Trust is the official face of Citizens For Green Doon. Since CFGD is a "free flowing movement" or "andolan" of people of Dehra Dun it has no formal structure and we feel that the movement will loose its spirit, if we converted ourself into an official organization.

But we do need an official face since a legal entity is needed occassionally.

Therefore, Green Doon Trust was formed on 25th May 2010. It is an all women's trust designed to impliment our activities in an official plane and to lead us to greater heights. All the trustees are highly motivated and active environmentalists.

The following are the trustees:
  1. Sonia Pandey (Chairperson)
  2. Laksha Mehta
  3. Venu Agrahari Dhingra
  4. Ira Chauhan
  5. Jaya Singh
  6. Priya Maheshwari

For queries / comments please email us by clicking here.

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