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Fighting against establishment, trying to convince the general public about your cause is not easy. It requires patience, because it is not an overnight project; it requires determination, because you have to put forth your point of view boldly and stand by it, and it requires money, because no campaign can run on empty coffers!

Almost everyday new challenges spring up on us, often taking us by surprise. Some babu sitting in some office comes up with some vague idea and the easiest part of the idea invariably involves chopping off of trees, so, whether the rest of the idea sees daylight or not, trees are inevitably chopped off at the earliest.

Here is a list of challenges which we face as of today. Please take time to give us your comments of them, so that we find a way to deal with it successfully.

Thank You.

Posted On23-Jun-15
Saving Raipur Jungle
There is a government proposal to fell 2155 trees in Raipur Forest to make way for a complex housing the State Assembly, Secretariat, banglows for CM, Ministers, MLA's and government officials. This is absolutely ridiculous and we must stop it.

Please help us stop it by taking part in our pen & paper campaign.

Download the petition here

Posted On09-Jun-14
BSF Camp in Lacchiwala Jungle
BSF is trying to get a 25 acre plot in thick Lacchiwala Jungles to set up a camp. This will deal a big blow to the forest, the environment and the animals who live there. CFGD is currently in the process of stopping this from happening.

For more, read here.

Posted On22-Jan-11
Saving Parade Ground
Parade Ground is the only open space in Dehra Dun which is for community use. At one time there were no buildings in it and it was totally open. Gradually the government has been allotting land from it to political parties and even to a private hotel.

The latest Government plans involving widening of the roads along the perimeter of the ground which involves taking away as much as 12 feet from all over.

The same govt. plans also involve taking away part of Gandhi Park and involves felling of hundreds of green trees.

We must not only preserve the present boundaries of Parade Ground but must also evict the illegal occupants of the ground.

We filed a PIL in Uttarakhand High Court and the Honourable Court has stayed the Administrations plans on 1st Feb 2010

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