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We are concerned about the fast decreasing green cover of Dehra Dun, the increasing pollution in it's air and the garbage strewn all over our streets. We are concerned about the rampant use of plastic bags in Dehra Dun, despite their being banned and their ill effects on our environment. We are concerned about the increasing encroachments of our City's river beds and khalas and the decreasing water bed levels due to its unregulated over-exploitation.
  • We believe Dehradun is a green city, known world over for its lush green trees and it should remain so. Pandit Nehru’s favourite way of relaxation was to sit in the lawns of Circuit House (now Governor’s Residence) and gaze at the trees.
  • We believe Dehradun has its own distinct identity and trying to “develop” it along the lines of Gurgoan or Noida, will ruin it.
  • We believe that development can take place, without cutting down trees. In fact, development can go hand in hand with trees, as has been shown by the Delhi Government. As Delhi develops its green cover has been increasing. From 12% in 2002 to 20% in 2008 and the aim is to increase it to 30% in the next five years. Is Delhi underdeveloped? Dehradun’s green cover on the other hand has been decreasing and presently is 4%. With the current rate of tree felling, we should be heading towards 0% in the next few years.
  • We believe that most of the trees cut in Dehradun on the pretext of road widening, could have been saved if the administration had consulted Town Planners instead of acting on its own.
  • We believe that to solve the traffic problem in Doon, removal of encroachments on roads and foothpaths, provision of adequate car parks, removal of thelis from the roads and prohibition of city buses and Vikrams from taking and offloading passengers from wherever they please, must be tackled first.
  • We believe tree plantation is the noblest deed anyone can do.
  • We believe in the Gandhian way of protest and in awakening of the masses on the dangers of excessive cutting of trees.

If you believe, that we are right, join our movement and make it yours.

We need you!

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